Why choose LEO interpreting?

Being a client of LEO interpreting means standing in the centre of our efforts. We put emphasis on individual approach, communication and understanding the needs of our clients in order to achieve the desired results.

The key values of LEO interpreting are reliability and professional approach which is why we are able to provide high-quality language services in required time and form.

Unsure of what to expect when ordering interpreting or translation services? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.




LEO interpreting focuses on provision of conference and business interpreting services using the following interpretation techniques:

  • simultaneous interpreting - the interpreter conveys the speaker's message using interpretation technology (interpretation booth) while the speaker is delivering his or her speech to the audience
  • consecutive interpreting - the interpreter starts interpreting after the speaker has finished or paused, usually after several sentences or shorter parts of speech
  • whispered interpreting (chuchotage) - a form of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter interprets the speech in a low voice to a single listener or a small group of people



LEO interpreting provides specialized translation services in the following areas:

  • technical translations (operations manuals, user manuals, training material, scientific articles)
  • legal documents (contracts, institutional and administrative documents)
  • marketing texts (websites, presentations, promotional texts)

About me - Zuzana Kusá

Career Path

2012 – 2014: Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting – English and German Language, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra

2014 – 2015: Interpreter/Translator – engineering and automotive industry

2015: Translator Traineeship – Directorate-General for Translation, the European Parliament in Luxembourg

2015 – present: Interpreting and translation services provision focusing on the area of technology, education and marketing


  • Laureate of EPSO/AD/320/15 - Reserve list of Slovak Language Translators
  • Legal Translation - German criminal law (Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)
  • Legal Terminology - Labour Law (Trans Iuris Nitra)
  • Time and Self-management (IPA Slovakia)
  • Presentation and Strategy (Liscia Consulting)

What clients say

Work with me

I need an interpreter. What should I do?

If you are in need of interpreting services, send me as much information about the event you are planning as possible:

  • date, time and venue
  • duration
  • topic of the event

How much does interpreting cost?

In accordance with contemporary practice, interpreters charge either for a full day (8 hours including breaks and interruptions) or a half-day (4 hours). Price calculation by the hour is not a common practice, as interpreting also includes services beyond actual interpreting performance such as research and preparation, travel and/or consulting.

The price of interpreting services includes cost of transport, accommodation and per diem, if applicable, unless these are otherwise agreed upon by the interpretation service provider and the client.

How can I make the interpreter’s job easier?

In order to assure the highest quality of interpreting services, the client is expected to provide the interpreter with the written form of speeches in question sufficiently in advance. If such texts are not available in advance, other reference documents or additional resources can help the interpreter prepare for the event.

I need a translator. What should I do?

Send me the document you need to have translated per e-mail or, if urgent, contact me by phone first. Do not forget to mention the deadline, target language required, the purpose of the translation and target group (who the translation is aimed at).

What file format should I provide?

Ideally, the document should be provided in an editable format which makes it easier and faster to work with. Another option is to send me a scanned file in sufficiently high resolution which is an imperative for maintaining the required formatting in the target file.

How can I make the translator’s job easier?

The more information you provide, the faster you will receive your translation. Availability of similar texts, additional information or terminology resources is very useful in the translation process. Such reference texts are of particular importance for cohesion of terminology in translation. Also, providing contact information of a person I can address in case of questions is very helpful.

How much does translation cost?

Generally, the cost of translation services is calculated based on the number of words or standard pages of the source text. One standard page contains 1.800 characters including spaces. Therefore, a single page of text rarely equals one standard page for translation. You can easily check the number of standard pages of your document in word processing programs such as Microsoft Word.

How do I get a better price?

Computer-assisted translation is a standard in the contemporary translation business. These software tools simplify the translation process by saving translations of individual text segments into a translation memory and, in case of repetition or partial concordance, automatically providing the translator with the corresponding equivalent in the target language.

Thanks to this method I can offer a better price of translation services compared with translation without software tools. It also means that in case of regular cooperation and larger volumes of text, you can decrease the cost of translation services in the long term.


Zuzana Kusá – LEO interpreting

Office: Pivovarská 1119/9, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia
Company ID Number: 52 617 971

Phone: +421 917 733 776
E-mail: info@leo-interpreting.com
Website: www.leo-interpreting.com

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