Why choose LEO interpreting?

I strive to provide the best service tailor-made to your needs and recipients.

Thanks to my experience from a variety of settings and cultures, I will help you reach your target audience and make yourself heard.

First time contracting language services? Consult me and together we will prepare a complex roadmap for your project. Other language combinations can be supported as well.

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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Why choose RSI?

  • User-friendly: RSI can be provided via easy-to-use platforms you are already familiar with such as Zoom or Webex.
  • Resource-effective, ecological and flexible: RSI allows for reaching vast audiences all over the globe with zero energy or carbon footprint – the possibilities are unlimited.
  • Unfamiliar with RSI? Contact me to learn more about your options and about managing events with professional RSI tools such as Kudo or Interprefy.



Langauge services provided by LEO interpreting include:

  • legal translation (contracts, institutional and administrative documents)
  • translation in the area of education (learning materials, training content, online courses, academic theses, certification)
  • marketing translation (web content, presentations, promotional texts)
  • post-editing of machine translation (PEMT)
  • revision and proofreading

Language Learning Coaching

I have 15 years of demonstrable experience teaching English as a foreign language, having taught in four different countries to clients including people with migrant background, students aiming at language certification (IELTS, TOEFL) or entrepreneurs.

Currently, I focus on tutoring motivated employees of small and medium business with an existing language level B1/B2 whose ambition is to progress to the next level and be able to represent their company with confidence in the foreign language.

My one-to-one sessions are based on the direct method which means that we focus on actively using the foreign language in practice, eliminating foreign language anxiety and converting passive vocabulary into an active one.

Every session is dynamic and tailor-made to the needs of my clients. When selecting learning content, I also focus on their areas of interest and their “bad habits” in the foreign language which we eliminate step-by-step. I make sure they learn as much as possible during the session, all the while making them aware that “lessons” are not enough and teaching them methods to integrate language learning into their everyday life.

If it sounds like this is what you need to stop stagnating in your learning process and make a progress, contact me to find out more about my offer.

About me – Zuzana Kusá


  • Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting – English and German Language, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia (2014)
  • Member of Chartered Institute of Linguists (58086)
  • Member of The Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters
  • Kudo certified interpreter – Multilingual conferencing
  • Traineeship at the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament in Luxembourg (2015)
  • CPD focusing on contractual, corporate and EU law

Areas of expertise

  • Legal and corporate affairs
  • EU affairs
  • Formal and non-formal education
  • Community development and non-governmental sector
  • Social affairs and migration policy
  • Public procurement, EU funds and tenders
  • Environmental protection and energy

Clients I work with

  • Public Authorities
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Natural persons

What clients say

Work with me

I need an interpreter. What should I do?

If you need interpreting services, make sure to provide as much information as possible: venue, date and duration of the event, topic/area, participants and target audience, agenda.

How much does interpreting cost?

Interpreters charge either for a full day (8 hours including breaks) or a half-day (4 hours). Price calculation by the hour is not a common practice, as interpreting also includes research and preparation, travel, technical checks and/or consulting.

How can I make the interpreter’s job easier?

To help the interpreter achieve high quality of interpreting services, make sure to provide them with all relevant background materials such as meeting agendas, presentations, training content or participant lists. All those help the interpreter prepare in terms of topics and terminology.

I need a translator. What should I do?

Send me the document you need to have translated per e-mail or, if urgent, contact me by phone first. Do not forget to specify the deadline, target language required, the purpose of the translation and target audience.

What file format should I provide?

Ideally, the document should be provided in an editable format which makes it easier and faster to work with. Another option is to send me a scan of the file in a sufficiently high resolution.

How can I make the translator’s job easier?

The more information you provide, the faster you will receive your translation. Availability of similar texts, additional information or terminology resources is very useful in the translation process. Such reference texts are of particular importance for cohesion of terminology in translation.

How much does translation cost?

Generally, the cost of translation services is calculated based on the number of words in the source text. One standard page contains 250 words. Therefore, a single page of text rarely equals one standard page for translation. You can easily check the number of standard pages of your document in word processing programs such as Microsoft Word.

How do I get a better price?

Computer-assisted translation is a standard in language services provision. These software tools simplify the translation process by saving translations of individual segments into a translation memory and, in case of repetition, automatically providing the translator with the corresponding equivalent in the target language.

Thanks to this method I can offer a better price of translation services compared to translation without software tools. It also means that in case of regular cooperation and larger volumes of text, you can decrease the overall costs of translation services in the long term.


Zuzana Kusá – LEO interpreting

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